290 Acres In Rhinebeck? Sosnoff Said Yes

124 Martins Lane, Rhinebeck, New York, now reduced to $20M.

Normally, I’d say yeah, but no. On the other hand, the place is owned by legendary investor Martin Sosnoff, so you could do worse than to follow his lead. Never heard of him? Well then, read his recent book “Master Class For Investors: Stand Alone To Win Big“.

No interest in reading yet another investment book? Then at least read DailyWorth’s Amanda Steinberg’s review, she might change your mind about the value of this book.

The Sosnoff house, known as “Atalanta” (as in Atalanta Sosnoff Capital, $5.9 billion in assets) is a Klemm Real Estate listing. I really admire the Klemm family, they absolutely dominate the real estate biz in north Connecticut and north of Westchester.

Here’s the video for the property, watch a bit of it, pretty amazing place.