Ronan Farrow: Barely Heard Of Him, Already Sick Of Him

Could this be Ronan Farrow, Senior??

Could this be Ronan Farrow, Senior??

Sammy Farrow, Junior, Junior...Time to go away.

Sammy Farrow, III…Time to go away.

Wow, has it been 15 minutes already? Apparently yes, because it’s time for “Ronan Farrow” to leave the public stage. But wait, wasn’t his “real father” a member of the famous Rat Pack? Possibly, and my bet is Sammy Davis Junior or, possibly, Peter Lawford, but seriously, do you care?

Better yet, ask yourself this question: Who do you care less about, Justin Bieber or Ronan Farrow?  See?, you’re struggling with that question… Case closed.

Gideon’s Birthday

The bar at Bedford's La Cremaillere Restaurant (just over the Greenwich line), the perfect place to observe Gideon's birthday...

The bar at Bedford’s La Cremaillere Restaurant (just over the Greenwich line), the perfect place to observe Gideon’s birthday…

Let’s be serious a moment…

Should a sane, rational, non-narcissistic, functioning adult actually give a crap about his birthday, past the age of 10? Okay, 16’s a big deal, and maybe 18.  21, I guess so.  But have you ever heard someone exclaim, “Gee gosh, I’m 24 years old, I’ve made it!” Of course not. And by the time you get to 39 (my odometer stuck at that number), my goodness, who cares!

That being said, some of you* clearly forgot that February 15th is my big day. Is it too late to send presents? No. Is there a price limit? No. Suggestions? Well, I’ve had my eye on a certain Omega watch, but short of that, think cigars, chocolate, whiskey, and coffee, real easy.

* As in, all of you.

100 Club Road, A Textbook Case (Sells For $4.250M)

100 Club Road, one of many views captured by top real estate photographer Tom Young.

100 Club Road, one of many views captured by top real estate photographer Tom Young.

Ace real estate attorney Joel Kaye sums up the usual long, drawn-out process of getting a typical Greenwich property sold thusly: “Nobody wants it, nobody wants it, somebody wants it, everybody wants it.”  He’s alluding to the phenomenon whereby a property will sit on the market, unloved, for months, sometimes years, waiting for a buyer, only to find, at the very end of the process, suddenly and simultaneously, a bunch of buyers appear!

There’s no magic, of course, it’s caused by price reductions. The only mystery is what price will spark the fire? If a property priced at $10,000,000 is getting no action, will cutting it to $8,999,000 do the trick? Not if it’s actually worth $6M, it won’t. In a case like that, especially after months and months on the market, you’d need to cut the price below $6M to see a reaction, but there will be a reaction, guaranteed, and frantic buyers will, if allowed, bid it up to $6M or even above that number

100 Club Road, a listing I shared with broker George Crossman, went through six prices:

$6,995,000   9/2012

6,395,000.  11/2012

5,999,000.    3/2013

5,495,000.   5/2013

4,897,000.   10/2013

3,999,999.   1/2014

That last step, pricing it one buck below $4M, produced the long-awaited bidding contest, with four couples jumping in, pushing the final sale price to $4,250,000.

Anything unusual about this? No, it happens every day in towns like Greenwich. As long as the real estate is desirable, there will be a price at which multiple bids will happen.  Won’t happen in parts of Detroit (or Caribou, Maine, for that matter), but in Greenwich, yes.

NOT! Chrysler Pulls The Plug On Best Super Bowl Ad

UPDATE: It turns out, I may have been overly harsh with ol’ Chrysler. What happened, I think, is that they wanted their link to be the official one for re-views of this great commercial. I suppose, maybe, kinda, that is semi-reasonable of them….

Ha! Here I was thinking admiring thoughts about Chrysler, not only for having the good sense to produce such a good, effective commercial, but also because that commercial actually had changed my perception of them.  But no, I take it all back, they’re still fools, and I will continue to shun their cars and trucks.

As seen below, they’ve invoked a “copyright infringement” claim against this tiny blog, and, I am sure, all the other sites around the world that had the audacity to promote Chrysler products because…too many people were watching their commercial and having good thoughts about Chrysler?

Brilliant, just brilliant.


Aww, screw ’em! Here, I’ve re-posted the %#@&-ing commercial! (Let’s see if they bother to pull it again)