Correcting Gideon’s Stats

Every once in a while, people make mistakes…


All bloggers like to have readers, I am no exception. The only annoying part is when some of those readers question the Great One’s statistics. Just such a case has now presented itself.

You’ll recall that I recently compared the 2016 numbers to 2017’s using the Greenwich Board o’ Realtors site that all brokers use, something called “FlexMLS”. On that site I entered this criteria: “single-family Greenwich closings with contract dates between Jan. 1, 2016 and June 5, 2016”. That produced a figure of 89 sales.

Ask that same question, but change the year to 2017 and what do you get? 169 sales, almost a 90% increase! (I’ve just tried it again, and this time, I got slightly different numbers, yeesh!)

That number is apparently inaccurate, so I guess I cannot rely on the search method I’m using, not because the actual MLS numbers are wrong, but possibly because the search program mysteriously retains sales from the previous search that don’t belong in the new, changed search? I don’t know, I don’t care.

From now on, I’ll rely on Houlihan Lawrence’s excellent statistics. They’re clearly presented, easy to understand, and never wrong.

The long and short: Greenwich sales figures are indeed up this year over last, but not 90%, sadly, instead a more modest 6.9%. Sigh.

Click on that link below the picture to see an excellent year-by-year comparison.

Realtors Behaving Badly

Realtor Robert Lindsay (thanks, dude!)

Realtor Robert Lindsay (thanks, dude!)

Realtor Robert Lindsay, of Passaic County, New Jersey, is being sued by a client for supposedly “deliberately over-pricing the home in order to keep it available for trysts” with fellow broker, Jeannemarie Phelan.

Realtor Jeannemarie Phelan, object of desire.

Realtor Jeannemarie Phelan, object of desire.

Utter bull*&#@, of course, the real reason this bone-head is being sued is because the house isn’t selling and the owners, now armed with video evidence of him boinking ol’ Jeannemarie in their living room, can extract $50,000 or so from Coldwell Banker.

The lesson for Mr. Lindsay, Bill Clinton, and others: Always assume the presence of surveillance cameras.

(Here’s a nice little story about “Bob” Lindsay, in happier times)