Gideon’s Speech



UPDATE: I’ll admit I’m “blabbing” but in truth, there is some good real estate  information conveyed here, things I’ve learned over 30 years of listing and selling.If you’re ever going to sell some of your real estate, watch this video first. 

I forget, did I already post this video of me blabbing about real estate to the Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich? It was two years ago, but upon review I see that most of the stuff I say is still relatively accurate.


Holy crud, it’s 55 minutes! By all means, skip ahead!

90 Club Road, Riverside, CT

90 Club Road, aerial view, looking west towards the harbor.

90 Club Road, view looking west towards the harbor. Here’s a link to the short aerial video.

I listed 90 Club Road last week for $7,000,000. It is 1.36 acres in the one-acre zone. There is a perfectly nice house on the property, quite livable by my standards but, like almost everything else that has sold in and around Club Road lately, it’s a likely “land” sale.

I grew up on the adjacent Gilliam Lane and back then, all of us certainly appreciated Club Road but no one would have imagined this level of popularity!

For context, here are the prices of recent house sales on Club Road and vicinity, all within five properties of my new listing, all immediately torn down:

73 Club Road     $9,500,000.

95 Club Road     $6,755,000.

74 Club Road     $6,565,000.

45 Gilliam Lane: $6,250,000.

100 Club Road:  $4,250,000.

42 Gilliam Lane: $3,760,000.

58 Club Road:    $3,500,000.

My listing at 32 Gilliam Lane, on .69 acres, also a likely tear-down, now has a deal in the low $2M’s.

At the top of the street, 11 Club Road, a spectacular Victorian, sold for $6,025,000 and (hooray!) was not torn down but instead underwent a year-long renovation.

11 Club Road, a beautiful turn-of-the-century Victorian, sells for $6.025M.

11 Club Road, a beautiful 1893 Victorian, sells for $6.025M.

The highest price paid on Club Road for a finished house was 35 Club Road, which got $8,675,000 when it was new, and $8,450,000 the next time around.

What’s the street’s potential? I think most brokers would agree that the new Shope Reno-designed, Sound Beach Partners-built mansion at 73 Club Road would easily get $20,000,000 if it were put on the market.




Gideon droning on….

Click on the link below the photo and you’ll see my first ever use of a drone for real estate marketing purposes.

Is it just another gimmick, like those dreadful videos of an earnest young couple, talking about how much they’ve loved living in the house they’re now trying to unload? Maybe. (heck, sometimes I think half the stuff we brokers do has no serious purpose other than to keep the owner happy).

But this may be a different story. Drone videos might actually be a genuinely useful addition to the marketing arsenal, we shall see.

By the way, these things are lethal, even without a Hellfire missile! Pilot Sam told me those fast-spinning propellers “will easily take off a finger”.

Drone "pilot", the brave and talented Sam Gifford, of Osprey Imaging

Drone “pilot”, the brave and talented Sam Gifford, of Osprey Imaging ( Click on link below to watch short video of this operation.

Gideon’s first drone flight